All Things in Moderation

August 13, 2020

Ensuring the content on the site - and behaviours we see - are in line with the site’s terms and FAQs is something we all get involved in. As you spend more time in the site, your influence grows steadily, helping everyone make this forum the most awesome place in the universe to learn and talk about all things Druid.

Raising the flag

When you first join, you can pretty much just post and read topics. But after just a short period of time, you’ll receive your first Level Badge: “Basic”.


Now you can flag content. Maybe you’ll start with a friendly personal message (better than Pitch Fork replies in the post!) or you might feel you need to go a step further and to escalate it for The Moderators, who will decide whether to take direct action.

Be careful though: if you keep marking the same person’s posts as Spam, they could be silenced automatically.

Share the Love

Every post can be Liked. And all your Likes are free!

The number of Likes you have are limited, though. The number grows the more you visit the site - in fact, the higher the Level Badge you have, the higher the multiplier on that growth rate.

Why? Because Likes are important: you can’t get the next Level Badge without giving and getting Likes for your posts and replies.

You and other members can look at your profile at any time to see your Likes, as well as all your posts and any warnings you’ve received.

Saying Hello

Anyone who uses the site regularly will eventually get the next Level Badge: Member.


You start to get notifications that there are new or returning users. You can play a big part in making this community the most explosively awesome place in the universe just by saying hello and rehi.

Be Cool

It takes some effort to get the next badge: Regular. You need to have spent quite some time reading what people have written, and have replied to a range of different conversations. But your own posts must be pure and cool, too: no more than 5 of your posts must have been flagged by other members, and you need to have given 30 likes and received at least 20.


Content Organiser

As a Regular Badge-holder you can play a larger role keeping conversations on topic. Now you can rename topics, move them to a different category, and give them different tags. This work is super critical to making it easy for all members, current and future, to find things that matter to them.

Topic Buster

One final stop: with the Leader badge, you’re considered, well, a Leader in the forum!


As a special prize, you receive The Power Of The Magic Spanner. With it, you may close down topics, pin / unpin them to the category, archive a post, and hide it altogether.


You can also set a timer to close (fully or temporarily) or bump a topic after a period of time. Temporary closure is a great way of cooling off a conversation if things get… heated…


You’ve also got the option to merge and split up posts to tidy things up inside the category.

Your Edit rights also grow in power. Now you can edit other people’s posts yourself directly, as well as just changing the title, category and tags.

The Moderators

Distinct from us mere mortal users of the community site are “The Moderators”. They are the people who look through all the flags we set on one another’s posts, deciding whether to take action or not.

Moderators automatically loot the Superlative Magic Spanner of Ultimate Strength. Now, as well as anything Leaders can do, like editing our posts directly, Moderators can delete entire topics of conversation.

Interestingly, Moderators also have access to the full revision history of posts, and can revert to older versions. This is useful for the blogging area, which will come in the future.

As for individual members, The Moderators can suspend or silence anyone on the system. In extreme situations, they can delete someone’s account entirely.

But on the positive side, they can promote someone to a Leader themselves! Yay. Go Moderators. And, for those special moments, Moderators can give all important community badges just for doing nice, friendly, cool stuff.

Sadly, they can also demote or silence us for a short period - or forever - which is not so pleasant.

When these decisions are made, they need more information: that’s why Moderators have some privileges in the Admin section of the site. They have full access to people’s profile information, including email addresses, for example. And they can also help people out who might get be having technical problems by editing people’s preferences, like timezones, themselves - even initiate the password reset process manually.

Although categories are open right now, in the future there may be areas of the site where posts need approval before it’s visible. It’s The Moderators who will make the decision.

Who are these people? You can see the list, and contact them, in the Moderators Group page. Only administrators can change its membership.

If you have any questions or concerns about moderation, just contact your friendly admins or anyone in the Moderators Group.