We recently introduced a backwards incompatible change to the schema Druid uses when it emits metrics. If you are not emitting Druid metrics to an http endpoint, the update procedure should be straightforward.

Updating from 0.7.x

Updating from 0.6.x

New Features

  • Redo Druid metrics to use an understandable metrics schema

  • Support compression for multi-value columns

  • Added longMax/longMin aggregators in addition to previous min/max [double] aggregators which have been renamed to appropriate doubleMax/doubleMin

  • Added a hadoop_convert_segment task for the indexer to allow large scale batch re-compression of old data as an indexer task.


  • Index task now ignores invalid rows (#1264)

  • Improved segment filtering for dataSourceMetadataQuery (#1299)

  • Numerous additional unit tests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed deprecated warnings in Hadoop batch indexing (#1275). Thanks @infynyxx!

  • Fix groupBys applying limitSpecs to historicals on post aggregations (#1292). Thanks @guobingkun!

  • Fix incorrectly typed values in metadata sql queries (#1295). THanks @anubhgup!

  • Fix timeBoundary cache serde problems (#1303)

  • Fix serde issue with pulling timestamps from cache (#1304)

  • Fixed concatenated gzip files with static s3 firehose (#1311)

  • Fix audit table config serde problems (#1322)

  • Fix IRC firehose serde (#1331)

  • Fix Arithmetic exceptions on the broker (#1336)

  • Fix an error where the Convert Segment Task would leave zombie tasks if the task failed #1363

  • Fixed #1365 to return actual complex metric name in segment metadata query response


  • Numerous typo fixes. Thanks to @textractor, @rasahner, & @bobrik.

Please help us to test and evaluate this new version. If you find any bugs, please let us know.

Download link:


We discovered a performance degradation problem with how some metrics were being emitted from the broker. This has been fixed and RC2 is available here:


there is no druid-examples 0.8.0 ? http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/io.druid.extensions/druid-examples

There are no 0.8.0 anything in http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/io.druid yet. I assume that’s because we’re still in RC. I actually don’t know where the RCs are published.