about druid ui

is there soming like kibana or grafan visualizae ui system build on druid query api .

That is a great question.

There is a lot of request from the community for an open source UI. I know a couple of folks are working on one. There’s a good thread about it here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/druid-development/UI/druid-development/psjICWh71kw/tczEtUPPOQEJ

don’t mean to sound like advertising here, but I think this is worth mentioning since it is useful:

We have been using our own tool DripStat (which also uses Druid) to monitor our Druid cluster.

Here is what we are able to monitor with DripStat:

  1. Historical, Realtime and Broker nodes.

  2. Response time and throughput of queries made on each node.

  3. JVM stats like heap usage, gc usage, gc pauses,

It has helped us to see how big a box we should give each of our nodes and when we are running out of capacity on one.

It has also helped us see if a query is spending majority of its time in broker, historical or realtime node.

We will be adding more druid specific stuff in future too since it is something we use internally a lot.

I would be happy to give a demo of our setup if anyone wants.


We’ve recently open sourced:

An exploratory analytics UI for Druid. The project is still early alpha but should be beta ready soonish.

Can you give a sample config.yaml that uses a druid datasource?

The provided sample config file has two datasources in it a static one and a Druid one (starts on line 145)