Accessing Individual records

Hi Team,

We are building an events based analytics project. Right now testing Druid for our use-cases.

Right now, we are storing the actions with “queryGranularity: none” and the events timestamp are milliseconds granular.

The minimum granularity we use for query is based on hour. The reason we didn’t rollup to hour granularity is we have a section in our project where we list the events and each event will have another set of properties to be listed under them.

To be short and specific, is it advisable to use druid to be able to access each and every single event ? Or there need to be some other RDBMS to store the exact same copy of the data and use for that purpose ?

In my opinion, Druid still has better query performance than RDBMS in the scenario of having every single event in table, because of it has distributed file system.

You can probably create two dataSources, one with all detailed events, and another will hourly queryGranularity, and issue queries to the ones fit your use cases…