Acknowledgement from historical node


I am using tranquility API to do real time ingestion into druid. The tranquility gives me acknowledgement for every event i sent through callback.

This ensures that tranquility has received the event and sent it to middle managers for indexing.

Is there a way i can make sure that the event is also processed by the Historical node.

In other words is there a ways i can get acknowledgement from historical nodes whenever the segment handoff is successful in tranquility.


Sushil Pangeni

Druid emits metrics about successful handoffs or failed attempts:

My real concern is that how can I be sure the tranquility has not lost the event after I receive the acknowledgement.

For instance if my replication factor is 3, does tranquility send ack after all 3 replicas or majority have received the event ?

It acks after all non-failed replicas have received the event. But it’s possible for 2/3 replicas to be failed, and in that case tranquility will ack when 1 replica has received the event.