Add log for Druid web console

Hi team,

Our developers are using the web console for daily monitoring/debugging. Now w’d like to add some logs for the web console. Like who accessed the console, what kind of actions they did on the console, etc…

I checked the router log, but no such info was included. So do you have any suggestions to implement it?


Hi @soulhom,

Welcome! I Slacked one of the founders of Imply, who is also a principal engineer, and he replied:

I have thought about logs in the console (there are some logs, like the task logs). But most logs are not surfaced in Druid via APIs because the logging in Druid is too damn configurable! So like you can log to a file or many files or kafka, and many other things and that makes it hard for the router to expose a single API that tells you what the logs are. And no API = no console feature.

Have you been invited into our Slack workspace dedicated to Apache Druid?



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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. I am not in the Slack workspace. How can I join it?

You’re welcome! I just sent you an invitation.