Add new dimension on reindexing

Hi there,

I’m currently struggling with something I’m not able to achieve.

I have two dataSources with some dimensions in common and some others not. What they share for sure are the metrics.

I want to merge both dataSources. I thought that I can use the “multi” reindexing for that, but I have one requirement, I need to distinguish the data from both dataSources even after the reindex. I think that one new dimension with the ID of the old dataSource would be enough.

Is it possible to do a first reindexing to add this dimension (with one single value added to all the records) for each dataSource, and after that, do a “multi” reindexing to merge them both?

Thank you!


Druid doesn’t have a builtin way (that I can think of) to do that, but you could create a new dataset with the added column, in some format Druid supports, and then index that.