After deleting data from MySQL, deep storage and basePersist, druid query still shows result


I am using druid 0.8.3 and I followed below steps to delete my data older than 1 hour.

  1. Deleted segments entries from segments table with used = 0 field.

  2. Deleted all segments from deep storage (local file system)

  3. Deleted data from basePersist directory (realtime data)

After deleting data from every possible location, my query still returns the data that is deleted.

Is druid storing any data in-memory (cache) ? As I have set druid.cache.sizeInBytes = 0 sdfsdsdf

Note: I restarted druid cluster nodes after following these 3 steps, in this case query was not returning any data ( which was expected result), so druid must be storing something in-memory.

Hoping for quick reply.



Hello everyone,

Any quick help would be a great help. Please reply if you know any probable solution for the above problem.


Jvalant, in general we don’t recommend modifying the metadata storage table manually. To drop specific segments in Druid manually, you have to mark their used flag from ‘1’ to ‘0’. However, if you want drop segments older than a certain data, you can use Druid rules.

Please see

What exactly are you trying to do?