Alerting based on metrics

Hello, I have started experimenting with Druid to monitor the performance and application metrics.
After the data is ingested from several hosts it is being stored in Druid as expected.

However, I wanted to know if there is a mechanism available in Druid to generate alerts basednon the value of the metric gathered. So for example if the memory utilisation is greater than 80, generate an alert.

Is it possible to configure such alerts OOTB ?

And if druid doesn’t provide such a capability, are.there any integrations available to other open source systems?

I would really appreciate some feedback from the cimmunitynasnti how they achieved this

Thanks !

Relates to Apache Druid 0.22.1

Hello Utsuk,
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For alerting, you can emit metrics to other open source systems (such as Prometheus) which has alerting capabilities using the community extensions. Please follow this link, Extensions · Apache Druid

Hi @vsevall , thanks for you reply.
What I understood from the emitter documentation is that we can emit the metrics related to druid performance itself e.g. druid SQL query time etc.

However, I am looking for a way where I can generate alerts based on the metrics that I have gathered from external sources and stored in druid.

So for example let’s say that …

  1. I have 2 Linux servers
  2. I collect cpu or memory metrics from these Linux servers and ingest them into druid.
  3. Now when I see that memory metric collected from the Linux server is 80, I want to generate an alert.

Let me know if my question is clear.

Thanks !!

Thanks for shedding some light on the question @utsukprani.
Out of the bat, I can think of Superset as an option which has native alerting. Here are some useful links,

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If you are leaning towards OSS, then Superset would be my recommendation as well. There are of course, multiple solutions you can pick, such as using Tableau, or even Python (If there is no need for a UI)

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