All datasourses gone after last parallel firehourse index task

Hi all! I have python script that run index_parallel index task every 24 hours.
After last time it was run I ‘lost’ all my data from 2015.01.01 to 2019.04.04. It’is actually on disk - when I do ‘ls’ in druid var folder - there segments for that period. But in console I could see only last indexed data!

And output of ls in var directory:

[tvorogme@izb-druid01 ~]$ ls var/druid/segments/checks/ | wc -l


My payload:

After I run this task and it was completed - all data was ‘deleted’ (doesn’t display in coordinator console, can’t query) on two datasources.

So the question is: why data was deleted and how to update data sources right?

I use latest version of druid compiled from sources.

Sorry for my english - if you need some more information - I could describe anything you need.


P.S. I know that I could use kafka for auto adding information, but I just test druid.

So as all segments saved - I could use