All the data loaded are marked as read(<= 99% available)


After we load the data, the status is “success”. But when we try querying the data it returns a empty document.

When I check on the web-portal it shows all the data marked red.

Can anybody telm me what may have gone wrong!!

Thank you

Do you have enough capacity to load all the segments on the historical nodes? Do you see any exceptions/errors in the coordinator logs?

Are you sending the query to broker node?

– Himanshu

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for ur suggestion i.e.

Are you setting -Duser.timezone=UTC on all the processes? It
seems like you have a tight bound in the interval on indexer json and timezone
issue might make druid ignore all the data. Can you set

 "intervals": ["2013-08-25/2013-09-05"]

in the indexer json and retry?

We tried changing the intervals but still the same issue.

Also when look at this link


we get blank dimensions and measures but for the example wikipedia json which is provided in tutorial we are able to see all data.

Attached are the files we used.




[test_vk.csv.txt|attachment](upload://u4nuLpBPTr2R24jWtr2BEfQ4709.txt) (163 Bytes)

[test_vk_index_task_new.json.txt|attachment](upload://v3yuLYlQ4A4MJTQwUboZrs5bjL4.txt) (1.14 KB)

Hi Guys,

Would appreciate any information on how to progress. We are struck at this point and need to evaluate DRUID.



Can you share the task logs of your indexing tasks and also your coordinator logs and historical logs?

As Himanshu mentioned, any exceptions in those logs would really help.


Please find the attached log of the index task.

index_test_vk_2015-06-02T075114.718Z.log.txt (56.8 KB)

Hmm, these logs look fine. Can you grep your coordinator logs for instances of “test_vk_2013-08-31T00:00:00.000Z_2013-09-01T00:00:00.000Z_2015-06-02T07:51:14.719Z” and also any exceptions, errors, or warnings in those logs?

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I was not able to locate the Co-ordinator logs. The logs I see under /log directory are the index task logs which we have posted already. I have also attached log4j2 file for reference.


log4j2.txt (1.02 KB)

The logs FJ is referring to are druid coordinator console output, they will be present in the directory where you launched the druid coordinator.