[ANNOUNCE] Apache Druid 0.18.0 release

The Apache Druid team is proud to announce the release of Apache Druid 0.18.0.
Druid is a high performance analytics data store for event-driven data.

Apache Druid 0.18.0 contains over 200 new features, performance
enhancements, bug fixes, and major documentation improvements from 42
contributors. Major new features and improvements include:

  • Join support
  • Query inlining in Brokers
  • Query laning and prioritization
  • SQL dynamic parameters support
  • New lag metrics for Kinesis indexing service
  • Experimental support for Java 11
  • New Pac4j extension
  • Azure extension is now a core extension

Source and binary distributions can be downloaded from:

Release notes are at:

A big thank you to all the contributors in this milestone release!