[ANNOUNCE] Apache Druid (incubating) 0.14.0 released

Druid 0.14.0-incubating contains over 200 new features,
performance/stability/documentation improvements, and bug fixes from 54
contributors. Major new features and improvements include:
- New web console
- Kinesis indexing service
- Decommissioning mode for Historicals
- Published segment cache in Broker
- Bloom filter aggregator and expression
- Updated Parquet extension
- Force push down option for nested GroupBy queries
- Better segment handoff and drop rule handling
- Automatically kill MapReduce jobs when Hadoop ingestion tasks are killed
- DogStatsD tag support for statsd emitter
- New API for retrieving all lookup specs
- New compaction options
- More efficient cachingCost segment balancing strategy

Source and binary distributions can be downloaded from:

Release notes are at:

A big thank you to all the contributors in this milestone release!

There seems to be some issue with the console… I compiled from source and replaced this jar from lib and it works… Just FYI


Hey Karthik,

What issue did you notice? I just tried downloading the binary distribution, ran the quickstart and visited http://localhost:8888/ and the console seems to work ok. (So do the older consoles on ports 8081 and 8090.)

Please ignore… I was getting error about not finding console-config.js… I cleared browser cache and it worked…Very cool QoL change with the console…

Karthik, this is just the start :slight_smile: https://github.com/apache/incubator-druid/issues/7502