any advice for selecting suitable db for the analytical use case

hi there,

the use case example: profile views, ad campaign performance, etc.
in an analytical fashion:
who viewed this profile in the last weeks (all years, by years, days, selected date rages, …),
how many views of this profile,
how many ads were clicked per campaign, etc.

the data size is about 1tb, and growing

what db to pick up for such cases?



considering about clickhouse, eventql, druid, pinot, influxdb & prestodb

but liking clickhouse & eventql for easy install, manager & less dependencies

Hi there,

I think Druid was created inside a company that measured RTB events (Metamarkets) and needed an analytical drill-down database to help client’s decision on those bidding events. So this is pretty much similar to ad performance campaigns, and believe me Druid will exceed all your expectations in performance pov.

The setup is a little hard but once you get to know how the system works it will be easy to scale.