Approach to migrate to Tranquility

Currently, our Druid is connecting to RabbitMQ as firehose and using Realtime servers to ingest the data. We’re migrating to Kinesis and using Storm to ingest the data instead.

I tried ingesting data from both Firehose and Tranquility to the same datasource but I get exception. I’m not sure if that’s allowed or did I do anything wrong?

What is the exception you are seeing?

Hey Noppanit,

You generally aren’t going to be able to write to the same datasource using two different realtime ingestion methods. So the best way to migrate without downtime is to start a new datasource. If you can tolerate some downtime, you can stop the old realtime ingestion method and then start a new method.

That’s what I’m planning to do. We can tolerate some downtime. Is there a way to disable the realtime? Or if I stop realtime it will wait until it finishes everything and shut itself down?

I got the exception from Tranquility that it couldn’t merge the beam