Authentication Questions

We’ve been working on a Druid implementation for a while now, but we’ve never really considered Authentication until now.

I’m looking for opinions whether people feel that using Basic Authentication as part of a defence in depth strategy, is adequate for securing the UI and API or whether we need to go the full SPNEGO Authentication with all of additional work that this would entail?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Hi John:

It is really depending on your cluster security needs. Basic security provides static user/password authentication (LDAP authen is on the way), and role based authorization. If you do not like static user/password model, you can join force Kerberos + basic security auth, to use Kerberos’s authentication, while using basic security’s role based authorization.

Hope this helps

Hi John,

The LDAP/AD user authentication/authorization feature in Druid will be available in 0.17.0 release. It’s developed and supported as part of the existing druid basic security extension that uses Druid metadata store to store, manage, authenticate, and authorize user credentials and roles. With ldap support you’ll now also be able to set/manage ldap groups to role mappings in Druid




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