Batch Ingestion failing with avro illegal intial charatcer

My batch ingestion process keeps failing with “avro illegal intial charatcer” error. .This is because the names of the dimensions start with integers .ex: “123dimension”.
My druid version is 0.12.3.
Is there way to ingest dimensions whose name starts with an integer?

Are you ingesting a standard Avro file? It seems Avro itself doesn’t support names starting with numbers:

Can you share your ingestion spec?

I am trying to ingest parquet files.

ingestion_spec (1.73 KB)

Hm, you could try 0.14.0+ version of Druid, there was an option added recently to the parquet extension to have it use a parser that doesn’t depend on Avro libraries:

A shot in the dark, but I have had similar errors when the format of data was not explicitly set (the parser defaulting to xml when the payload was json).