batch ingestion via curl without json file

I am using druid 0.8.3 with kafka-8 realtime ingesiton,
I am trying to update some missing data with batch ingestion, how can i write this data via curl except using json file from computer and unchanging ioConfig from spec file?
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Hi Yunus, there have been some more docs recently added:

Most of the information on reindexing is here:

i tried example but did not work whil my ioConfig written due to realtime ingestion with kafka. And i did not find any curl code does not have json file for batch ingestion.

Can you give me an example config for same time i can use realtime and batch ingestion. And a curl thing for ingesting batch data without json data file.

There’s no common config that can be used with batch and realtime ingestion at the present time. You can share the same schema of data but there’s some small differences between teh schemas for both. If you are patient, you can wait for the windowPeriod removal work to be completed.

Should I use only batch ingestion or realtime ingestion?
How windowPeriod removal effect to my situation and when?

For historical data use batch ingestion.