Best filesystem to use for historical nodes

xfs? etx3? ext4? None of the above?

I tried finding some guidance in the docs but didn’t see anything.

Hi DashV,

I would say, use whatever you are most comfortable tuning.

Druid performs best when the kernel can page in segment files as quickly as possible.

What works best depends a lot on your underlying hardware, whether you use any kind of software/hardware RAID, whether you use SSDs, etc, and how you tune your file-system. Some filesystems like ext4 work pretty well out of the box without too much tuning. Others like XFS can be very fast if tuned well for the workload, but that may require a lot of kernel and file system options tuning, and may not perform as well out of the box

Depending on how much RAM you make available for paging, the filesystem may also not matter as much if most of the data getting queried already fits into memory.