Best practice for monitoring druid services

Hi druid experts I have a couple questions for you that I'm hoping some of you might be able to answer. What is the best way to monitor whether or not the druid services are running on their nodes.
I am running druid on Linux VMs.

Next question. Does anyone have an example of a log4jxml to send druid metrics logs to a local directory on a Linux VM? Can I assume that if you enable the logging emitter that you must configure the log4jxml file to make sure your logs are written out to a certain location?

Thank you

I just wanted to add some more detail about my question regarding how to monitor the druid services. I’m talking about how would you monitor whether or not the services are running if you were monitoring from a third party monitoring tool? I am able to customize a monitoring configuration but I was wondering if there is a specific recommendation of what threshold or parameter to be monitoring that would tell you whether or not the service is up or down.

There are status API’s that can be leveraged to check the stats of a given druid processes. Please refer to the Process Information section in the below documentation