Best way to measure average query response time and rate


we would need to know an average request/second query response rate. I found out that I can’t get it from the emitter (and grafana) and the only thing that crosses my mind is enabling DEBUG log level for brokers

and get the numbers from logs.

Is there any other way to get this number apart from getting it on the client side?

Hi Jakub,

Internally we feed the results from into a kafka topic which actually makes its way back into another druid cluster.


Charles Allen

Hi Charles,

I mentioned that I couldn’t find a way how to get it from the emitter. There is a metric that could be used to get info about queries per second?

ah, sorry I missed that aspect. count the number of ‘query/time’ metrics emitted from a particular node.

One thing you have to be aware of is that one query to the broker will result in many historical queries, so you can’t just look at overall query/time, but if you filter on only the brokers, you should get the information you’re looking for from an external user perspective.

Ah, silly me, I completely missed this I couldn’t find what the metrics mean.

In that case I already have that information :slight_smile:


Thank you Charles !

Hopefully fixed :