bin/init For DRUID 0.9.0 does nothing

I am doing the I have done setting up druid ,zookeeper. start up of zookeeper also is done .

I am trying to start the DRUID by the command bin/init in the druid directory. But it does nothing

[training@localhost druid-0.9.0]$ bin/init

[training@localhost druid-0.9.0]$

Can some one help me out with this?


It does do something! But all it does is set up some directories :slight_smile:

You still have to run the services in a terminal – see a bit later in the quickstart for that.

Itz just returning a new line for me!

In the tutorial it says it sdhould do

java `cat conf-quickstart/druid/historical/jvm.config | xargs` -cp conf-quickstart/druid/_common:conf-quickstart/druid/historical:lib/* io.druid.cli.Main server historical
java `cat conf-quickstart/druid/broker/jvm.config | xargs` -cp conf-quickstart/druid/_common:conf-quickstart/druid/broker:lib/* io.druid.cli.Main server broker
java `cat conf-quickstart/druid/coordinator/jvm.config | xargs` -cp conf-quickstart/druid/_common:conf-quickstart/druid/coordinator:lib/* io.druid.cli.Main server coordinator
java `cat conf-quickstart/druid/overlord/jvm.config | xargs` -cp conf-quickstart/druid/_common:conf-quickstart/druid/overlord:lib/* io.druid.cli.Main server overlord
java `cat conf-quickstart/druid/middleManager/jvm.config | xargs` -cp conf-quickstart/druid/_common:conf-quickstart/druid/middleManager:lib/* io.druid.cli.Main server middleManager

But all i get is a new line

@Sadhu - What operating system are you using? The below script does not work on Windows unless you have shell tools like cygwin.

You should run those commands yourself in different terminals. All bin/init does is set up some directories so the services can have a place to store their data.

Jagadeesh im using linux in a VM

Gian I did the same . I understand that bin/init sets up some directories. But when i run the comand instead of setting up directories i get the command line back.