Broker API missing metrics and dimensions

I’m trying to get a list of dimensions and metrics defined for a datasource.

I’m using the API defined for the broker, documented here:

I can get a list of datasources by using the API:

  • /druid/v2/datasources
    But then the documentation says that one can see a list of dimensions and metrics by using the API:

  • /druid/v2/datasources/{dataSourceName}

When I use that query, however, the lists of the metrics and dimensions are empty.


Note that I can query the data source just fine, returning lots of rolled up data.

Here’s the results I get from applying the status:


Is this fixed in a later version?

What am I missing?

That endpoint doesn’t work for realtime nodes, only data on historicals. You should look into using the segment metadata query instead. It is what Pivot ( uses for datasource introspection.

I have this problem too and all segments have been on historical node for a long time… I don’t use real-time node at all.

I used hadoop indexing task using distribution-docker container

What version of Druid? try to add ?interval=0/3000 as the end of your GET request

I used version 0.12.3 for this operation and encountered the same problem. How did you solve it

在 2016年2月3日星期三 UTC+8上午7:50:37,Chris Jones写道:

These days, Druid SQL metadata tables are a better way to get this info. Check out, try a query like: SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS;