Build Druid from source error

Hi guys,

According to this closed issue the following error should be fixed:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project ambari-metrics-emitter: Could not resolve dependencies for project io.druid.extensions.contrib:ambari-metrics-emitter:jar:0.10.0: Failed to collect dependencies at org.apache.ambari:ambari-metrics-common:jar: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.apache.ambari:ambari-metrics-common:jar: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.ambari:ambari-metrics-common:pom: from/to hortonworks ( Failed to transfer file: Return code is: 500 , ReasonPhrase:Server Error. -> [Help 1]

But, we’re still getting it when trying to build Druid v0.10.0 from source. Can anyone please shad some light on this?

Note that we’re building Druid directly from the source according to steps provided in the official Dockerfile here.

Thanks in advance!



Hi sorry i noticed we had the same issue (disk out of space) again, we are working in it Sorry.

Hi Slim,

Thanks fo the prompt reply.

It seems to be resolved now.