Build failed for Druid-

I downloaded the release version (druid- and try to build Druid with Maven 3.3.1 and JDK 1.7. Often the build failed because test errors:


build.log (49.8 KB)

That occurs in our TravisCI build on occasion as well (but relatively uncommon). Are you running it locally on your computer, or on a cluster-based compilation system?

We should definitely improve on making this test more deterministic. There are a few unit tests that are based on timing because of the ease of implementation, but we did a small reworking of things a little while ago where the tests should fail with very low probability. I’d be interested to know how often the test fails for you and the setup to cause the failures.

I built Druid in a Virtualbox with Centos 6.6 64bit guest. Only occasionally the build was successful. JDK version 1.7.0_75, Maven 3.3.1

How often do the failures occur as a percentage of time?

It is over 95%. The build takes long and I have to keep on trying until all was built successfully.

some of the druid UTs are happier if you gave them a host with more than 1 cpu . Given that you are using vm on a virtual box, can you check if your vm has 2 or more cpu given to it?

It will probly be in Machine -> Settings -> System -> Processor .

– Himanshu

That seems to be the culprit. I checked /proc/cpuinfo and it indicates one core.