Can Druid handle nanosecond precision in timestamp

Hello All,

We are evaluating Druid for a time series data analysis use cases which needs nano second precision. But Jade time stamp doesn’t support nano second precision. We would like to use Druid for our use case, but this is one thing holding us back. Is there any update planned in the near future that supports nano second time stamp?

Thanks in advance


That’s a very good question. To start with it is worth noting that the timestamp in Druid currently only has millisecond resolution.

At a higher level, I’m very curious what use case you are looking at where you have a huge volume of events that are accurate to the nanosecond level across multiple systems.

As per it doesn’t look like joda-time (our current backing time object) will support nanoseconds.

If/when we port druid to be JDK8 or greater it may be worth seeing if the improved java time constructs can replace joda time, and then investigate nanosecond resolution events if desired.

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the response. We are actually working on a condition based event analysis system where events/ information are being generated in nano-second precision. We need this precision to co-relate information from multiple subsystems. So thats not something that we can avoid. Probably Druid is not meant for such use-cases.



It is possible to hack around the timestamp and simply treat it like a long, and ignore the ISO representation of the long. But you are correct, Druid is not currently setup to handle timestamps more granular than MS as the normal use case.