Can i connect my dot net applications to druid and fetch data

I have already working dot net application which works good with sql server
now since i have decided to shift my db to hadoop,

i have deep storage as s3

i want my .net ui to fetch data from druid

whichever ways possible

  1. .net calling druid

  2. .net ->sqlserver->druid

  3. .net-> 3rd party software->druid

is there any possible way.?

The easiest way to get started with querying Druid is probably Druid SQL:

We don’t have a client library for .NET so I would suggest using your favorite HTTP client, with the JSON over HTTP API.

Thanks Gian for your help,

I am just gonna raise a question,

I want The UI to be shown to a client , it is not for internal use,

so i already have a backend where .net application calls my stored procedures

so i cannot tell my backend team to move to java, so i would like a process where nothing changes for them

any 3rd party application

it would be great if you can help me out with your skype id

Thanks For your help

Hi Bhavesh,

There is no need for the backend to switch to Java – you can query Druid over HTTP using JSON. However since we don’t have a .NET client, either you will need to write some .NET code to do the HTTP communication or you will need to provide some kind of proxy for your .NET app to go through.

Cool Thanks !!!