Can i have time dimension?

i have user visiting statistic for pages. current granularity is day.

I need to return count of unique user(dayly) of each pages but for “all” time period . Do i need time dimension? or simple hyperunique metric is enough?

Hi, “all” is a supported query granularity to bucket results. Alternatively, if you are just more familiar and want to work with SQL, you can take a look at:

thanks, but we use rails. how will query granularity work in this case?will it count uniqueness only by day or for whole aggregation preiod?

If you need uniqueness by day, you can set the query granularity as “DAY”, If you want all the results to be aggregated in same bucket use “ALL” granularity.
As for the time period for which you need the results for you can set interval in query to give you results for that.