Can I reduce Zookeeper/ZK dependencies?

A user wondered if it is possible to run Druid without Zookeeper/ZK. There is an experimental extension which allows Druid to run without Zookeeper/Zk, provided you are running in Kubernetes. However, another user suggested:

you can significantly reduce ZK dependencies by using “http” coordination whenever you can, e.g. “httpRemote”.
By doing this, you gained a lot of performance benefit as well.

The docs bear this out, specifically the description of druid.indexer.runner.type:

Choices “local” or “remote”. Indicates whether tasks should be run locally or in a distributed environment. Experimental task runner “httpRemote” is also available which is same as “remote” but uses HTTP to interact with Middle Managers instead of Zookeeper.

It’s worth noting that httpRemote is still labeled as experimental. Here’s the conversation.