Can I set up an active active HA cluster of Druid?


I want to setup a druid cluster with each component running on different nodes.

The way I want to configure it is by keeping multiple instances of same node, say, 2 instances of historical nodes and both active at the same time. Is that possible?

Hi Abhishek,

You can add as many historical nodes as you want and they will all be active.

Thanks for clarifying Gian. Is this applicable to all the components(middlemanager, coordinator, broker and overlord)?
Also, to have multiple nodes is it only necessary to connect to same zookeeper and rest is all taken care of by druid + zookeeper?

Hi Abhishek,

Yes, it applies to all nodes. You can add as many historicals, middleManagers, and brokers as you want and they will all be active. You can add as many coordinators and overlords as you want too, but they don’t share work (one of them is leader at any given time) so there is not much reason to have more than 2-3 of them. This is all coordinated through zookeeper.