Can we apply the Authorization model of datasources to lookups?

Hi Team,
We applied Authorization model on datasources, as described here : User authentication and authorization · Apache Druid

Once done, a user connecting with the proper credentials can only acces the datasources he’s been granted.
Can we achieve the same on lookups ?

We discovered this while connecting Superset to our druid instance : all lookups seem accessible, ,while only the authorized datasources are accessible from Superset logged with the restricted login.

Thanks for your feedbacks !

I’m not positive this is related, but what’s the setting for druid.lookup.enableLookupSyncOnStartup?

Unfortunately, there is no ACL for lookup. However, this is a good feature. Please feel free to contribute to Druid open source.

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Thanks @TijoThomas
At least I’ll post a Feature request :slight_smile:


what’s the setting for druid.lookup.enableLookupSyncOnStartup

Can’t find this setting. Can you provide a link on the documentation ?

Awesome :D. That would be cool…

@danielC ref is here in the docs

I don’t think this will affect authentication, though.

(I seem to remember writing this on a list of blog posts I should write… now i will just point at @Hellmar_Becker !!!)

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