Can you rename a datasource? dimension within a datasource?

We added some place holder columns in the dataset and want to rename them to more friendly names as we are adding data points. How can I rename a dimension “dummy field” to “new dimension”?

Is there an ability to rename a datasource? i.e. “dataset_new” to “dataset”. Use case would be to swap datasource names so that existing production systems don’t need to update for a datasource name change.

Renaming a datasource is not possible. It sounds like you already know that you can get a similar effect by switching readers over to the new datasource and then dropping the old one-- that’s the best you can do. You could use query metrics to confirm that nobody is still querying the old datasource before dropping it.

There isn’t a “rename column” command, so the way to rename a dimension is to re-index your data with new column names. You could also change the name in the output of a query using the “outputName” of a dimensionSpec (this is like “SELECT foo AS bar” in SQL), but this wouldn’t change what’s actually in the segment.