Cannot connect Apache Superset to Apache Druid

< Trying to connect Apache Druid with the Apache superset. But unable to create a connection with Druid in Superset. while creating new database connection in superset with druid, I got SQLALchemy Error →

That means<-Unable to create database connection in Superset with Druid–>

Please … <!help how to create Druid database connection in superset →

Things I've tried

← Created admin and user Authentication in druid run time properties

  • Given : (druid://admin:***@localhost:8882/druid/v2/sql) in creating database connection->

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Hi @Vajiha,
Welcome to the Druid Forum!

Can you post the complete error message and stack trace if available?

Also how are Superset and Druid deployed? Do they have connectivity to each other?

Hi @Sergio_Ferragut,
Superset and druid are deployed in different servers and they have interconnectivity.

While I’m trying to create new database connection in superset by giving SQLALCHEMY URI as mention below, I’m getting error msg : (Background on this error at: Error Messages — SQLAlchemy 1.3 Documentation) druid


Erro Msg shown is:
Background on this error at: Error Messages — SQLAlchemy 1.3 Documentation

Hi @Vajiha ,

Isn’t “localhost” the problem here? If Superset is on one server and Druid on another, you’ll need to use the Druid server hostname.
Also 8882 is not the default port for the router, so just verifying that you have explicitly set it to that.

But, when I try to give authentication for Druid. Its showing sqlalchemydbapi error, while trying to connect Druid into superset as below.

Kindly give suggestion for doing authentication for druid. Thanks in Advance.