Cannot find middle managers in new overlord console when merged with coordinator?

Hi, Druid community -

I am using v0.10.0 and merged my overlord and coordinator into the same nodes. I have middleManagers setup to run remote, but I do not see them in the User Interface for the overlord console. Everything else seems to work fine. My configuration for my coordinator is as such:

1 druid.service=druid/coordinator


3 druid.port=8081


5 druid.coordinator.startDelay=PT30S

6 druid.coordinator.period=PT30S


8 druid.coordinator.asOverlord.enabled=true

9 druid.coordinator.asOverlord.overlordService=druid/coordinator

10 druid.indexer.runner.type=remote


Note that with or without line 10 I still get the following in my overlord console:

You may also need

And could you try checking your web browser’s dev console to see if there are any errors loading the page?