Cannot see dropBeforeByPeriod option in coordinator UI

Hello, reading the documentation for retention of data, i can see that if i want to just keep the data for the latest 3 months, i can set a rule of “dropBeforeByPeriod”: P3M followed by a load forever rule.

However in the ui, i can only set a “dropByPeriod” which works differently. Is there a way to set a beforeBy from the ui?

HI Stelios Savva,


“type” : “dropBeforeByPeriod”,

“period” : “P1M”


The interval of a segment will be compared against the specified period. The period is from some time in the past to the current time. The rule matches if the interval before the period. If you just want to retain recent data, you can use this rule to drop the old data that before a specified period and add a loadForever rule to follow it.

Notes, dropBeforeByPeriod + loadForever is equivalent to loadByPeriod(includeFuture = true) + dropForever.

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Something like this: