cant open web ui on secondary coordinator nodes

If I do <secondary_coord_ip>:8080 in browser, it redirects to <primary_coord_ip>.
Is this expected? or should I be able to access the ui for secondary_coordinator by itself?

If it is expected, then the forwarding behavior has a bug in that the port of the query is not taken into consideration resulting in a 404

This is expected behavior. The secondary coordinator is only acting as a backup to the primary. Please file a bug for the port redirection.

Actually, I have been unable to reproduce the forwarding bug as described both locally and in production with 0.7.0. What you are seeing may be an older bug with 0.6.160 that has already been fixed.

If you can submit a unit test or provide some more information about how to reproduce the issue with the latest version that would help us quite a bit. Otherwise, coordinators announce their hostname in Zookeeper, and you can use service discovery in Curator ( to find the right coordinator as a workaround. If you update your cluster to 0.7.x and still face this issue, please let us know.