Cant understand these errors in Middlemanager log

I have recently upgraded from version and I’m getting these errors in middlemanager log (in screenshot) after submitting indexer tasks for batch ingestion. So data is not ingesting and I don’t understand what these errors mean and what should I check. Can understand anything out of it?

what is the config of you Emitters ?

Sorry, for the late answer. Where can I find the emitters configs? They must be default since I haven’t noticed any emitter config in the distribution.

Ah, I’ve solved this problem. Changed log level to debug in common runtime config and investigated from there.

Turns out the error was in wrong tempDir path in jvm configuration, it lacks slash before ‘var’ directory everywhere.

I think setting relative paths in default configs is a bad choice. It assumes that bin/*.sh scripts will be run from os root path, which is weird, and on top of that specific node type scripts like ‘’ won’t work from root path because they reference a ‘./bin/’.