Cassandra configuration issue

Hi guys,

I’m trying to configure cassandra to use like deep storage in the realtime and historical node and I’m having some dificult.

I’m not sure if it this the place to make questions, but here we are.

My problem is related with Cassandra deep storage configuration. This is strange, when I configure Cassandra in realtime, the specs that was working break.

My realtime config is:






#Cassandra config


In the realtime log when I start the service appears is an JsonMappingException related with ‘kafka-0.8’ FirehoseFactory.

When I remove the Cassandra configuration from realtime, the error about kafka FireHouse doens’t appears.

I’m not able to stablish relation between this pair of elements.

Could someone help me?

Thank you very much!

Hi Sergio,
there should not be any dependency between the fireshose config and deep storage config.

can you also share your task spec file and the full stack trace of the error for more details ?