Change Indexing Service temp directory. Not using MiddleManager.

I am not using MiddleManager node right now.

I had seen some configuration to do in peons but since I am not using MiddleManager I have no peon to configure.

When I submit a task to Indexing Service, that creates a folder in tmp named hadoop-username. I have very limited tmp size, so it fills up and I got error. How can I change the directory that Indexer Service’s hadoop using?

Thanks in advance.

Apparently I can set them in _common/ and the task sees as they are in there. No problem in there.

The problem still persist, Indexing Service creates a folder in tmp named hadoop-user name, I checked source code out and couldn’t find where Druid takes this folder name.

Kind regards.

Hi, how do you use the indexing service without middle managers? Are you running a single node and doing ingestion on the overlord?

Also try changing

I am running a single node overlord, a single node of coordinator etc. and doing the ingestion on that.