Clarifying Steps while using Spark Streaming with tranquility

Hi All,

I am using Spark Streaming with tranquility .

I am doing the following :

  • Wrote My Spark Streaming job and used Tranquility’s beamrdd adapter.

  • All the necessary nodes and zookeeper are up and running . ( zookeeper , historical , broker ,coordinator , overlord, middle manager)

My question is , Do i need to do anything else ? like starting Tranquility server (i am assuming this is not needed as i am not using the “server” method to post to druid ) , adding some tranquility server json config file etc ?

Currently My streaming job is running properly but in the logs I am not seeing anything related to Druid (no errors also) . In other posts , I saw some JSON config files being generated in the logs.

Please advice.

Thank you

Got it working. Nothing else needs to be done apart from the 2 steps. I was implementing the “MyEventBeamFactory” part of the spark tranquility doc wrongly .

Hi Shetty , could you please send me your spark streaming beamrdd code. I am also stuck here.