Column alias at ingestion time


I’d like to rename a column at ingestion time, i don’t think if it’s possible right now?

My use-case is that I’m using some hadoop indexing and I have a kafka supervisor for realtime ingestion, but both sources have some differences in column names that I would like to match in Druid (to a unique name).

If not, what about a feature (generic to any ingestion type) to be able to do: “dimensions”: [“page”, { “language”: “lg” }] or “dimensions”: [“page”,{name: “language”, fieldName: “lg”} ]



Actually I saw we could create column aliases with the json flatten spec.
I’m using the timeAndDims spec (custom parser) so it’s not available.

I guess I’ll have to tweak my parser to handle the case. I would hope to have something more generic, in the spec itself.

Thanks anyway,

Hi Stephane, you can rename metric columns at ingestion time. For dimension columns, you can always rename them at query time, but for your use case, it might be good to consider running the renaming job as part of ETL.