Concern about segment ingestion process

what’s the connection between maxRowsPerSegment and segmentGranularity, for example, set maxRowsPerSegment = 5000 and segmentGranularity is DAY, when the size hit 5000 but not the whole day, the segment will be generated, but I found there is only one segment if we set segmentGranularity is DAY. So what the exactly details for ingestion process? thanks

Hi Frank,

segmentGranularity corresponds to the granularity of Druid’s time chunks (see These chunks are further partitioned into segments based on the maxRowsPerSegment parameter. So, if you had a segmentGranularity of DAY, a maxRowsPerSegment of 5000, and ingested 7500 records within a day, you should have 1 time chunk with 2 segments.

  • Justin