Config. of druid nodes

I’m using 5 nodes druid cluster, each node has 32G RAM and 4core-CPU. What should be configuration of historical if I deploy it on 3 nodes, also config. of others(broker, middlemanager) which deploy on rest of the nodes.


Refer to that and tune your config accordingly to your I stance types (mainly look at any config what is dependent on CPU cores and memory. Things like number of threads, heaps, direct memory etc)

Hi Umar M-Hamid,

The upcoming Druid 0.15 release, which should be announced and available in the next day or so, also adds some additional documentation around cluster tuning which is generally relevant to earlier releases as well. It’s not published yet, but you will be able to find it at, and can find it now in a less friendly form at

Just to follow up, 0.15.0 has been released