Connecting Druid to Caravel

Hi all,

[NOTE: I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this question.]

I’ve set up a druid cluster to ingest data from Kafka using the Kafka indexing service.

And then I tried connecting a Caravel instance to this druid cluster.

However, it seems that Caravel has issues connecting to druid 0.9.


(a) Has there been a fix to connect caravel to druid 0.9?

(b) Are there any other similar GUI-based open-source tools that would help interact with the data collected in druid?

Please let me know if there’s another mailing list where I need to post this question.

I’ve posted a similar question on Caravel’s mailing list as well.



Hey Jithin,

Caravel has worked fine for me on when I tried it out. What issue are you having specifically?

Hi Gian,

Thanks for responding.

Once I posted this question, I realized that this may be caused by exceptions in my kafka indexing tasks.

I believe druid isn’t storing segments in the deep storage due to the exceptions.

I’ve posted a question regarding these exceptions.

I’ll get back to you regarding the Caravel issue once those exceptions have been resolved.



Hi Gian,

Once the exceptions mentioned in the other question were fixed, I was able to connect Caravel to Druid 0.9.2-rc2.