console monitor for druid tasks

I am adding multiple tasks in druid. They run one by one. One task is running and other tasks are waiting.
We can see these status on druid web console.

I want to list the tasks on console and send notification via email and slack once each task is completed.

How to get the list of waiting tasks and running task?



Hey Shrinivasan,

You can get these via HTTP API. It seems like these aren’t documented on (we should add them though). In the meantime, you can check out the APIs that the coordinator web console uses with your web browser’s developer tools (in Chrome, View > Developer > Developer Tools and click “Network”). They’re all JSON and should be pretty simple to use from your own scripts.

Thanks for the info.

I created the script to monitor the indexing tasks of druid from console, by using the same REST api calls by the web application.