Context query doesn't work for TopN


I’m using imply 1.3 and I’m try to send query using context here is a sample :

“queryType”: “topN”,
“context”: {
“timeout”: 3000,
“priority”: 5,
“queryId”: “TopNFirst”,
“useCache”: “true”,
“populateCache”: “true”,
“chunkPeriod” : “P1D”,
“minTopNThreshold” : “100”
“dataSource”: “eventdaily1”,
“dimension”: “connectionType”,
“metric”: {
“type”: “LegacyTopNMetricSpec”,
“metric”: “Count”
“threshold”: 25,
“intervals”: [“2017-09-10/P7D”],


I get an error :

“error”: “No fallback setter/field defined: can not use creator property for com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.CreatorProperty (through reference chain: io.druid.query.topn.TopNQuery[“context”])”


Is Query TopN can’t have a context block ?


Imply 1.3 is based on Druid 0.9.2 and context is certainly supported for topN (and all other query types). Is it possible you are using a modified version or have a special setup in some other way?

Thanks I’ve moved the location of the context block and it’s work now