Coordinator as Overlord : Druid 0.10

Hi All, Has anyone tried configuring coordinator node as overload.

I have coordinator and overlord running on the same machine and i was trying to configure coordinator as overlord with below parameters in coordinator config file.



But after doing this - i am unable to open overlord UI - http://IP:8090/


Arpan Khagram

+91 8308993200

Hey Arpan,

The overlord UI should be available on the coordinator’s port, on http://IP:8081/console.html.

Hi Gian, I can only see this UI on 8081 port - where can i find Coordinator Console where i can see what all tasks are running and completed and what all middlemanager are running.

Hi Arpan,

overlord ui should be available at http://host:port/console.html

– Himanshu

Got it thanks Himanshu,