Coordinator console, load rules

Hi guys,

I just want to be sure about something.

When i set some rule on the coordinator console, in which order the rules are processed ?

I’m really surprise that the rule on the datasource does not override the default rule.

My default rule is ‘Load P1Y’ and on few datasources i have a ‘Load P1M’ rules.

How can i achieve that ?

Thanks, Ben

Hey Ben,

Rules are applied from top to bottom, and the first rule that matches a given segment is the one that applies to that segment. So if you have two rules, “Load P1M” then “Load P1Y”, that will load all segments from the past year because anything older than a month will still fall through to the “Load P1Y” rule.

If you want to override a default load rule, you need to have “drop forever” as the last rule for your dataSource. That will drop every segment that falls through your other rules, rather than letting them fall through to the default rule.