Coordinator loading rules

I want something about coordinator loading rules to confirmed.

If the priority of historical node is the same. The coordiantor will select the historical who has max avaliableSize to loading new segment. Is it right?

And How to get the segments in a time interval can evenly scatter into the historical nodes?

在 2015年10月30日星期五 UTC+8上午11:58:15,luo…@conew.com写道:

THis is done automatically by Druid’s load balancing algorithm.

Hi, Fangjing:

If I added a new historical node in the cluster, and the its priority is the same as others.Will all the new segments be loaded into this node for there is max avaliable space on this node?

在 2015年10月30日星期五 UTC+8下午1:11:41,Fangjin Yang写道:


Coordinator will move segments around and will eventually converge when segments are evenly distributed (as if the new historical existed from the beginning)

– Himanshu