Correlating events

Hi everyone!

We’re trying to write a query that correlates multiple events using the data sketches but without success so far.

Generally speaking, the question we’re trying to answer is: how many events X occurs daily/monthly where event Y also occurred (W times in the last Z days) for the same user?

One of the several use cases is to answer questions like: how many orders (orderPlaced event) come from users who view a given blog post (contentViewed event) in the last 7 days? Or how many users upgraded their accounts (accountUpgraded event) up to 15 days after signing up (signUp event) ?

We’ve read everything available out there, but no success yet. Does anyone know if Druid supports queries like that?

Welcome Marco!

I don’t have an answer off the top of my head and have asked my fave data modeling people. I will try to get you an answer asap…



Oh, it looks like @Vijay_Narayanan1 replied on Google groups…

Hi Rachel!

Yeah, but it doesn’t solve the problem as we’re trying to count events (orders, in my example) and not unique users.